Full Day Tour #1

This tour combines strolls and riding in a comfortable vehicle or public transport.

Spend the whole day touring Warsaw. This tour is for those who want to see all the highlights in Warsaw but are especially curious about the Jewish sites and would not be satisfied with only a brief Jewish tour.

The tour is divided into two parts:

The first part explores non-Jewish sites: the historic district, top communist sites, new Warsaw:

The Old Town – enlisted by UNESCO as a world heritage site, this place mainly narrates a fascinating story of world`s first and largest reconstruction, which took place following total WW II destruction.

– Royal Castle

– Warsaw cathedral

– statue of the Warsaw mermaid

– house of birth of Madame Curie

– medieval defense walls

– Monument to the Warsaw Uprising

– Supreme Court

The Royal Route – the most beautiful, historic boulevard, filled with main monuments, palaces and churches:

– Presidential Palace

– Holy Cross Church

– University of Warsaw

– statue of Copernicus

– Chopin`s places and music

– Canaletto pictures

– Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Lazienki Royal Park – former summer royal resort, the most popular park in Warsaw with beautiful 18th century architecture (esp. Palace on the Water) and art nouveau Chopin`s statue.

Communism – we`ll see and discuss the impact of Soviet occupation and communism on urban landscape and layout:

– The Palace of Culture and Science – the tallest building in Poland, Stalin`s gift and icon of a socialist architecture.

– Marszalkowska street, the route of communist parades and marches which leads to MDM – the iconic, socialist housing development.

The new, modern city centre – how Warsaw has changed since the collapse of communism.

The second part of the tour explores pre-war Jewish life in Warsaw, story of the Warsaw ghetto, memorial sites and a fascinating revival of the Warsaw Jewish community today.

I like to start at Grzybowski square – the place of Jewish life, not death. First to bring alive the atmosphere of the time when Warsaw was home for the largest Jewish community in the world after New York and a world center of yiddish culture. When chassids lived together with socialists, Esperanto was created and Isaac Bashevis Singer, future Nobel Prize winner, wrote his first novels.

But Grzybowski square is a place of Jewish life also today. We`ll go inside the synagogue, see the commune house and the building of the yiddish theater. You will learn a fascinating story of the revival of Jewish life in Poland, what does it mean to be a Jew in Poland after Holocaust, is there anti-semitism?

Actually, I think my experience is quite typical for post-war generations of Poles. At the beginning I learned and knew nothing about Jewish history and culture in Poland. Like all of us. But recently it started to change. How? Why? We`ll have plenty of time to talk about it   
Next, you will learn the story of the Warsaw ghetto, where half a milion Jews were imprisoned. It`s a powerful story of starvation and death, but also of a thriving culture, fashion and love. You will be walking through the fighting area of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in 1943 – the very first act of armed resistance against the Nazis in occupied Europe – to the former deportation point, where railcars went off to death camps.


Prozna – the only surviving Jewish street

The Nozyk synagogue

Building of the yiddish theater

Jewish commune house

Remnants of the ghetto wall

Former Jewish children`s hospital

Chlodna footbridge installation (it`s one of ghetto`s memorials) – ghetto story 1940-1942

Area of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising fights – ghetto story 1942-1943 and after

Muranow, a housing project built on the ruble of the ghetto

Museum of the History of Polish Jews – we won`t go inside, only stop on the way to look at a very unique and symbolic architecture

Monument to the Warsaw Ghetto Heroes

Jewish Memory Lane which leads to deportation point called Umschlagplatz


Please note:

The Nozyk synagogue is closed during Shabbat (Friday afternoon, Saturday) and on Jewish holidays.

We will be going inside the buildings and this tour includes admission to some places.


You can combine this tour with:
You can combine this tour with:

How it works?

You can choose from two options!

Option One:
Walking + Public Transport

10 hours

Meeting point:
at a place convenient to you: your hotel, airport, train station etc.

950 zloty

What`s included:
Guiding service

Extra expenses:
Public transport ticket – 15 zloty per person
Nożyk synagogue entrance fee - 10 zloty per person (not available on Friday afternoon and Saturday)

Option Two:
Private car

8 hrs

Meeting point:
at a place convenient to you: your hotel, airport, train station etc.

1490 zloty – maximum 4 persons (6-seat car)
1650 zloty – 5-6 persons (mini van)
1650 zloty – 7 persons and more (bus)

What`s included:
Guiding service
Car service

Extra expenses:
Nożyk synagogue entrance fee - 10 zloty per person (not available on Friday afternoon and Saturday)

If you like this tour, just drop me a message with your preferred date and time. Let me also know which option of the tour do you choose, how many of you are coming and where are you staying in Warsaw