The Royal Castle

It`s a great tour for those passionate about history (like myself) and for everybody who wants to take a fascinating journey through Poland`s past.

The Royal Castle is the most important historic object in Warsaw. Built in 14th century, enlarged, remodeled, destroyed and reconstructed, it witnessed all the main events that happened in Poland.

It gained its magnificence when Warsaw became the capital city of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. It served as the administrative and cultural centre of the country: was both the residence of a king and parliament`s house.

In splendid 18th century royal chambers, you will meet the most prominent Polish kings. I will tell you in details how the king was elected, a phenomenon that didn`t happen in other European countries. Among many works of art, you will see 18th century Warsaw on paintings that helped to rebuild the city after the second world war.

In parliamentary chambers, senators and deputies held their sessions when the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was the most democratic country in Europe. You will learn the parliamentary procedure and look at the front page of the second written constitution in the world after the American – the 3rd of May Constitution, passed in the Royal Castle in 1791.

The most powerful story you will learn, is the one of a complete destruction during the second world war and post-war reconstruction. The Castle was bombed in September 1939, then deliberately blown up by the Nazis during the Warsaw Uprising in 1944. After the war, it was rebuilt without any financial support from the communist government, only with an effort of millions of Poles in the country and abroad. Today, most of the rooms look exactly the same as in 18th century!

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How it works?

1,5 hour

Meeting point:
the Castle square, at the column of king Sigismund III Vasa (or in your hotel, if you wish so)

If you would like me to meet you in your hotel, please ask for transportation cost

650 złoty

What`s included:
Guiding service

Not included:
Entrance fee 50 złoty per person

If you like this tour, just drop me a message with your preferred date and time. Let me also know how many of you are coming and where would you like to start the tour