My Warsaw – Tour like a local and with locals

Let`s assume it`s not a tour. I have a day off and invite you to spend it with me, to visit my favorite places, eat with me, have fun with me, maybe to meet my friends… To have a truly local experience☺

I have to admit that the idea of this tour is partly egoistic. There is so much going on in Warsaw – new museums, art galleries, exhibits, performances, street artworks, attractions, happenings, restaurants… and I never have time to go there and participate! Between April and November, it`s everyday work, work and work. Tours, tours and tours. And how can I be a good tour guide if I miss so much that is happening in my city?

So once I thought… why not to combine pleasure with work? At the same time, I can show people around and do things I never have time to do.

So… how would we start my free day?

Like any other day – with good, Polish breakfast of course. I like breakfast and I like it big.

And having breakfast, we should grab a daily paper to check the news. I can translate headlines for you, and we may discuss what`s going on in Poland, what makes people`s minds busy, what angers us and pleases.

Or… why don`t you try reading it? If you have ever seen anything written in Polish, you can imagine how much fun that would be!

What can we do next?

If I need to do some research let`s say in the Jewish cemetery, we will go there and do it together.

Then we can look into a newly opened art gallery. Is it any good?

There`s also a chance that there will be a political demonstration on the day of our tour. We have so many of them these days. And you should know that I`m a veeeery political animal (everybody in Poland is, unfortunately…). So we can`t miss it, we have to go and check what those guys are up to!

After too much politics we would probably get hungry again. Where would Pawel go for his lunch?
Probably to one of these shady, cheap, communist-style bars for Polish home food. Or… we could go for my favorite pierogi ☺

Yeah, yeah, I know, it`s sooo typical and cliche… pierogi, what could be more Polish? But I can bet that you`ve never tried those…

If you ever had pierogi, most probably they were with meat inside, cabbage and forest mushrooms or potatoes and cottage cheese. That`s not what I like most. My pierogi are stuffed with… oh no, I`m not going to tell you now. Come and try 😉

I consider myself a rather sociable creature, so it`s very possible that you will meet some of my friends. Or even my boyfriend, if he`s in town. They can tell you their stories.

If it`s a hot day, we would meet them probably at the river, lying on the beach and enjoying drinks. Yes, we have natural, sandy beaches in downtown Warsaw!

And there are so many more things to do. Come and join me☺

You can combine this tour with:

How it works?

Full day (who knows how soon we`ll have enough of each other…)

Meeting point:
at a place convenient to you: your hotel, airport, train station etc.

Walking and public transportation

1700 zloty

What`s included:
Guiding service

Extra expenses:
Public transport ticket – 15 zloty per person
Entrance fees, snacks, pastries, lunch etc. – you should have at least 100 zloty per person with you

If you like this tour, just drop me a message with your preferred date and time. Let me also know where are you staying in Warsaw and how many of you are coming